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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

meeting update

ok guys

decision time!!

the meeting can either be *drum roll please*

tomorrow after class - Wednesday at 4
or before class on Thursday - say, 10:30 am on Thursday.

please reply asap

Monday, January 30, 2006

Hey guys, I have collected around 15 survey responds,

Hey guys,
I just wanted to let you know that I have collected around 15 surveys, and most of them are age between 20 to 30....
Okey let's discuss about this idea when we have a meeting,


Sunday, January 29, 2006

Do you guys find it useful if we started to compile a list of such "Internet things" - examples that are already out there? Such as the shoes and fridge...there are many more out there.


Is there a way that we can split this blog into categories such as "examples - (shoes, fridge)", "technologies - (RFID, I0)", "research (IoT and Sustainability)", "opinions on Internet of things" "group chat" and so on, instead of piling all kinds of stuff and messages together? I think organizing all the info both categorically and perhaps also chronologically will help us understand this topic better. What do u guys think?


"This has got to be the coolest gadget yet for the kitchen: a fridge freezer that is hooked up to the Internet.Screenfridge, as it is called, allows you to send and receive e-mail, view contents of the fridge on your cellphone, watch television, pay bills and handle personal banking. You can also keep food in it. By wirelessly connecting to a store, Fridgescreen can be used for home shopping..."

Intelligent shoes

Verb for Shoe was created by VectraSense - company affiliated with MIT. This shoe is capable to adjust itself to the type of movement of the owner (running or walking), remember the owner's preferences and even communicate with other such shoes! The shoe can connect to the Internet and inform it's manufacturer that it broke and needs replacement. All in all, it's quite a gizmo, this shoe! More info here:

Internet of Things - Internet 0

Hey guys! Found a looong, and at times boring but nevertheless worthy article to read! Had to skim through some technical stuff, but ill copy the whole thing here. "Internet of things" is also called "Internet 0" or I0, or also "interdevice internetworking" - so maybe we can use these as a search query as well.

There is also a book about Internet of Things:
When Things Start to Think. Neil Gershenfeld. Henry Holt, 1999.

maybe we can get our hands on it.

Ok i edited the post b/c i didn't know it was gonna display the entire thing, so im gonna try to put a link to the article...i hope it works!

and... How do i attach a file to my post, i havent figured that out??


hello all

the report is not due this week, but next.
so i was thinking we really should try to get together sometime soon [asap] to look at what we need to do and work distribution.
alex has posted the report sample and the report template on mycourses.

please post your availabilities for the week.

i am available - wednesday after class [4 -5:30 approx], thursday after class [2:50 on], friday during the day [anytime between 9-5].

Friday, January 27, 2006

Effects of Pervasive Computing of Sustainable Development

Here's an interesting article commisioned by the Swiss Center for Technology Assessment on pervasive computing, assessing what possible loads it will place on the environment and how it will impact sustainable development. It's quite broad, and not all of the arguments seem plausible, but is worth reading.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Hitachi Develops RFID-based Nuclear Power Plant Construction Technologies

Tokyo, Jan 20, 2006 (JCN) - Hitachi announced on January 20 that it has developed radio frequency identification (RFID)-based technologies applicable to nuclear power plant construction.Specifically, the company has developed two new systems, an RFID tag system used in the processes of manufacturing and installing pipes, and an RFID-based cable connection navigation system. With the RFID tag system, RFID tags are attached to construction materials as they are delivered so they can be efficiently monitored in distribution management. Subsequently, it will lead to preventing human errors and ensuring the traceability of the materials used. The navigation system uses RFID tags attached to both cable cores and end terminals to simplify cable connection work and help workers easily check for errors when they connect cables. Going forward, Hitachi plans to proceed with research, focusing on the establishment of rules of using RFID tags, the integration of the tags into the existing systems, and the development of basic technologies including metal-compliant antenna. Through these means, Hitachi aims to contribute to the development of next-generation nuclear power plants.

Wow~` all about rfid and finger print

"The fingerprint reader, designed specifically to be intuitive and reliable, is available in three products: Optical Desktop with Fingerprint Reader, Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer with Fingerprint Reader and the stand- alone Microsoft Fingerprint Reader"

Actually this RFID news website is very useful, There are just so much information here!!

fingerprint payment at walmart

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I have a question~~~~ what is next step?

I think we are doing really great work interms of research about what internet of things is and how is it applied to our world~~ but what is next step that we are suppose to do?
are we keep posting up the articles that we found intersting?

Oh!! due to different schedules of people, i guess the group meeting didn't happen today, but lets talk about it tomorrow in the class.

"Because of the design competition we are going to have short class".

Monday, January 23, 2006

non-web based research

hey Matt,
are there any sources we should be checking out that aren't web-based? any publications other than the UN report on the 'Internet of things'?

Sunday, January 22, 2006

not so much OVER the phone

From 2005 travelers in the city of Hanau, near Frankfurt, Germany will be able to pay for bus tickets by passing their Nokia phones over a smartcard reader installed on the buses. Other applications for RFID enabled mobiles include swapping electronic business cards between phones, and using a mobile to check in at an airport or hotel. Two RFID enabled devices may also be used to enable peer-to-peer transfer of data such as music, images or for synchronizing address books.


this reminded me of jasmine and leslies flowspace project.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

group meeting

It was really good talking after class today, i felt like a few things were clairfied for me. I think it would be helpful to have a group meeting before next Thursday, or even after class.

What do you think?

well if the "cool" kids are doing it. . .

hello everyone

there was some discussion after class today about actually talking about all this stuff we've been posting and reading about.

so i propose that we do it here [well not just here, but since we all have different schedules..]. maybe we could post comments under the links that are posted. .

we could also start discussions that aren't necessarily link based - shall i begin?


here goes:
did anyone see Oprah today [or am i the only loser here]? it was all about "How Stuff Works" - they had someone on talking about how the Internet works and how "things" communicate with eachother - and Oprah kept asking for physical representations, which I found very interesting. The guy eventually had to compare e-mail to the post office, complete with postmen.

this kind of thinking comes up a lot in the FLOW reader that is posted on mycourses - the need for physical representations of/in DataSpace.

long story short - the silly silly Oprah thing reminded me that the FLOW reader seemed very pertinent to our topic - well at least the articles I have read so far. In particular - "Welcome to Space of Flows" [article #1].


Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Internet of things

Here it is another example of internet of things article from Boston newspaper!!

RFID Takes Attendance—and Heat

Hey guys,
Here is very intersting story about how RFID is being used at the school to take attendances..
I guess no more skip for them!!! :))

"With the InCom's system, RFID readers are installed over classroom doorways to detect when students enter or exit. "
"A California startup developed an RFID system to help teachers take roll call, but called off an in-school pilot after it incited protests from parents and advocacy groups."

Here it is the website for this article!! check it out!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


hey guys,

i read this really interesting interview in The Institute For Figuring with Ed Burton, who created sodaconstructor.

Group List

I need a list of group members (first and last names).
Please include the email address of the group leader.

Thank you

Monday, January 16, 2006


Some simple visual representations of emergence using Conway's game of life,

Revenge of the right brain

A short essay by Daniel Pink for Wired,

Saturday, January 14, 2006

wallet phones and rfids in japan

this is a cool rfid map of japan [based on the subway system].

a few links
basic explanation of RFIDs and their applications
microchip diagram that explains some possible basic functions of the internet of things
the Internet of Things, from

Friday, January 13, 2006

Semapedia, the physical Wikipedia

About RIFD and "Internet of THings"

Hey guys,
This website has pretty good information about RFID and general knowledge of what internet of things is... so check it out. The privacy issues are brought up which I think this is the most problematic concerns with RFID and internet of things. ... Very Interesting!!!


Thursday, January 12, 2006

Happy Hunting

Good luck and have fun.

Here's one to get you started.

This book looks at the social impact of an increasing collective intelligence - the premise is that pervasive computing will reveal the wisdom of crowds.

Pork and beans

Hi, I guess I'll post the first link! It's a good one

Hi everyone!! i am so happy~~~

yes!! I got in~~~~
It took me awhile to get to this site but!!!! yes!! yes!! yes!!!oh yeah!


well guys !! I just looked on the web about RFID and Internet of things and it is amazing topic to discuss and research about. We will have fun for sure!!

I will come back with some intersting information!!



hello everyone,

welcome to "the Internet of Things [green]". i am just testing out the posting option to make sure i know how to use it ;)

please start posting links/comments/etc as soon as you find them.. i assume we are to begin our basic research asap.

take care