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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Here is one example of how to do 2nd and 3rd part

I am just posting what we have discussed on last class.
I had difficulty understanding what our task is, but through out this great talk during the class it helped alot. THis is just for Brian and also for our group members notes.

DO you remember my shoe article? this shoe has IOT and detacts your health issues, and these shoe can talk to other shoe and generate the information about walking distance, and stuff like that.

first what we have to define is signal, in this case it can be "we all want to know about our health weather we are in good shape or if we have any problems with our health"

and Second part is to define amplify those signals.
Shoe tells you information about your health.. or maybe contact lense can tell you if your eye condition is okey or not. or your ring can detacts your blood cerculation in your body.. or watch can count your number of plus... and etc.... this part can be very creative as possible.

and than here is point of departure...
this is basically metaphor or story behind based on amplification..

quote can be desire to know everything , refuse to get sick, live forever.."

Also, the graph that Alexendra mentioned at class... is very helpful.. HOw ? why? what????

I hope this helped.

see you soon!!!!!


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