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Friday, February 03, 2006

The things that we discussed during the meeting today!!!

Hi everyone!^________^*
I just wanted to let you know what we are doing for the next week’s project!
We decided to make a category for the assignment and each group member will write about under each topic based on internet of things.

Brian: Environmental implementation
Cathrina: Society (social) What/how can affect society
Me: People (Human individual's behavior)
Heather: Politics and business
Leslie: Intro+ conclusion (and editing)

So lets set the time and please send your materials to Leslie!!

Have an awesome weekend guys!! ^_^*


  • At 12:19 PM, February 03, 2006, Blogger leslie* said…

    hi everyone

    i was thinking at first of sending out a template to everyone, but i've been thinking about it and it makes more sense for me to just cut and paste into the template.

    there are a couple of things we need to decide..

    #1 - what sub-catgeories/headings should we have in each category?
    [i was thinking maybe something like RESEARCH/SIGNALS/IMPLICATIONS, etc]

    #2 - when can you all have your written pieces sent to me? Monday would be ideal so that I have a few days to piece it together and edit.

    oh and the third thing is, can someone edit/read over the Abstract, intro and conclusion that I write?


  • At 1:34 PM, February 03, 2006, Blogger katerina said…

    1. Sounds like a good idea, but i'm not's a nice way to organize it but im also thinking, wouldn't it also be convenient to write abuot the implications of each signal in the same paragraph as the signal? Such as "here's the signal, imagine this is where it could go.." So we wouldn't have to start a separate column and have to repeat "Remember that signal in the previous section? This is what it's gonna imply" On the other hand a separate implications column could nicely summarize everything said and present a general view of the future. conclude - i don't know! :) Sorry for lotsa words and no help !

    2. Sure, we can read over them!

    3. By the way, do we have to compile a bibliography and source all our findings?

  • At 2:12 PM, February 03, 2006, Blogger leslie* said…

    yes, we have to source everything, and it wouldn't hurt to have a bibliography.

    if everyone could send me the sources they reference i will make a biblio.

  • At 3:16 PM, February 03, 2006, Blogger katerina said…

    in that case, it'd be great if we had the same format. How about MLA with footnotes?

  • At 3:18 PM, February 03, 2006, Blogger leslie* said…

    the format Alex showed us is really simple - instead of quoting the source in detail, you just put a tag line at the bottom of the page or in brackets beside what you said..
    i think there are some in the example he sent out.


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