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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Hitachi Develops RFID-based Nuclear Power Plant Construction Technologies

Tokyo, Jan 20, 2006 (JCN) - Hitachi announced on January 20 that it has developed radio frequency identification (RFID)-based technologies applicable to nuclear power plant construction.Specifically, the company has developed two new systems, an RFID tag system used in the processes of manufacturing and installing pipes, and an RFID-based cable connection navigation system. With the RFID tag system, RFID tags are attached to construction materials as they are delivered so they can be efficiently monitored in distribution management. Subsequently, it will lead to preventing human errors and ensuring the traceability of the materials used. The navigation system uses RFID tags attached to both cable cores and end terminals to simplify cable connection work and help workers easily check for errors when they connect cables. Going forward, Hitachi plans to proceed with research, focusing on the establishment of rules of using RFID tags, the integration of the tags into the existing systems, and the development of basic technologies including metal-compliant antenna. Through these means, Hitachi aims to contribute to the development of next-generation nuclear power plants.


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