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Student Project for INDS 3B09: Design Research, Insights & Innovation
For the Industrial Design Department of the Ontario College of Art & Design,
team mentor Matthew Jones, Research Associate, Beal Centre for Strategic Creativity

Friday, March 10, 2006

Hey thursday lecture note

Point of departure, what is this story will tell us,

How do you start with writing a story? – creates mood, atmosphere, ex, it was dark at stormy night, it triggers imagination.

*behavior apply through technology
-Camera hold on, capture the moments

POD: find trend, amplify meanings.

Take a example from squirrel
l cell phone

- Signal: MIT makes cellular squirrel
Amplification, now it changes from squirrel to pigeon (possibility –combination of Archetype retrieve
-Archetype retrieve: what is metaphor behind it? –I don’t want to be distributed from technology (understanding of why technology exist

POD: how do you make it good?

-Scenarios- tells story of how you might buy hammers and screws and forget nuts, which are part of set. So--- should remind you of things “in asset” automatically.
-Each groups come up with 20 POD based on signal amplification.

Ex: 1. Signal

-you bought this, - shopping, order, out come, customization, ask questions.
Archetype retrieval: specialist, catalogue, we are expected to know on too much

3. Shopper (expected of contents)
Catalogue- experts of access

4. Signal amplification
“Broad casting the buy” keeps record of your purchases Recommends Then friends of their friends’ /interest. “Amazon everywhere”

5. Point of departure “would you like fries with that?” relates to #4 “ we are expert to know about too much and expand that what if we knew everything?

5. Scenarios “ letter to my uastting mach how you specify. I.e. Would you like fries with? Scenario- how do you know? Its not magic. Give a reason Does a deuce appear? The difference with story is scenario does not need to have plot, ex) climax.. etc. This explain one specific environment. One scene in the story.

I combined the lecture note with pris's, I hope this helps,


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