the Internet of Things [green]

Student Project for INDS 3B09: Design Research, Insights & Innovation
For the Industrial Design Department of the Ontario College of Art & Design,
team mentor Matthew Jones, Research Associate, Beal Centre for Strategic Creativity

Monday, April 10, 2006

and now..

well guys, we did it!!

and we did it fabulously, i might add.
we should all be really proud of the work we did and everything we accomplished this semester.

it has just sunk in that we don't have another report or compelling presentation to prepare for IOT.

i hope you all find other things to fill your time [you will soon realise just HOW much time we put into this thing!!], and that you won't miss my obsessive emails flooding your inbox.

i really want to thank you all for being such an awesome group
and for all your hard work

who's up for weekly IOT meetings in the summer?? i'm thinking, tuesdays?? *kidding

it was fun being the team leader, i hope i didn't flood your inboxes too much


Monday, April 03, 2006


ok guys

here's a breakdown of the timeline for the final deliverable for iot..
drumroll, please.

monday, april 3 - finish writing scenarios and disclosures [yeeehaw]

tuesday, april 4 - email your stuff to heather and kat [our official editors]
meeting with matt [hopefully]
pick 2-3 stories to present in class
decide on presentation strategy - begin assembly
begin assembly of report

wednesday, april 5 - editing complete, finish assembly of report [scenarios and disclosures]
finish presentation
sleep [lets try not to do an all-nighter..]

thursday, april 6 - final iot presentation [ do you miss it already?? ]
celebrate good times come on!


Sunday, April 02, 2006

Ok, here's that list of characteristics of IOT...

hat i did a while ago. These work in IOT simultaneously, so it'll (hopefully) help us evaluate and expand our ideas.

The Always On Network

( Blogjects, Surveillance, Fridge connected to grocery store, Connection to Internet, Connection to data, Time, Universal Systems of Measure, Encyclopedias(those written by 1 person))

Latent: Desire for connection to others

desire for a collective system of reference/view of the world

Collective Intelligence/Beehive

(Includes collective intelligence between people, between things, and people and things; Includes Artificial Intelligence, smart mobs, wikipedia, )

Human Empowerment

(Intimate Objects, Project Oxygen, Teddy, Cyborgs, …

(Empowerment through: Human Augmentation + Automatization to replace human behaviour, )

Data dissolves into the environment(dissolves into the fabric of our lives)

New Environment & Death of Data subsections

(Merging of Virtual and Physical, Interactive Environment, Death of Data? , interaction of object to object surpasses interaction object to human,…)

New Social Infrastructure, New Systems or New Flow (Redefining institutions of Culture, Society, Government, Law, Economy, Education, Production/Consumption etc – basically HUMANITY AT LARGE)???

- objects become separate class

- privacy issues