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Friday, March 10, 2006

Amplified Signals and POD's

I made some notes last class, where Matt was explaining how everyone should approach this singal amplification thing - because everyone was confused. This is what i got out of it:

U take a signal and separate it into:

a) latent behaviour (archetype retrieval) + b) technology

(for example Celular Squirrel = social expectations of politeness/not wanting to be interrupted + cellphone)

Then, you AMPLIFY THE TECHNOLOGY - imagine it in the future when it's faster, cheaper, everywhere. (For example the squirrel will be imbedded into the environment, the squirell is a bird and can move around on its own, the squirel is autonomous) The amplified technology can be as fantastic (unrealistic) as we can make it. That's called "intensification of use" and we should do as many per signal as we want.

Then, you apply each of these "intensificatin of use" to the latent behaviour, and THESE WILL BECOME THE AMPLIFIED SIGNALS.


Behaviour - Not wanting to be disrupted by others
- Cellular Squirrel =
\ Technology - Cellphone/mobile assistant

-Amplify the technology:
a) squirrel is embedded in environment
b) squirrel is automonous/has mind of its own
c) squirrel is a toy
d) etc..

-Apply the latent behaviour:
b) Squirel is Autonomous + Not wanting to be disrupted by others = My device only appears when i Need it -> That's an AMPLIFIED SIGNAL.
c) etc..

THen, we start noticing themes and from then we derive out points of departure.
Matt came up with "Teddy Bears picnic". So basically POD is kinda like a title of the story, or the first sentence. For example POD for a murder story would be "It was a dark and stormy night".

What i understood from yesterdays class, amplified signals are about: Where can the technology take your latent/retrived behaviour?


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