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Student Project for INDS 3B09: Design Research, Insights & Innovation
For the Industrial Design Department of the Ontario College of Art & Design,
team mentor Matthew Jones, Research Associate, Beal Centre for Strategic Creativity

Saturday, February 04, 2006

definition time

if anyone is still confused about the "definition" of the Internet of Things [if there really IS one..], here are some helpful links. The best and simplest definition I have found so far is "the networking of everyday objects". I will include some kind of a definition in the Abstract/Intro.
this article is french - not sure if anyone speaks french but it is great. It basically says that the IOT is comprised of simple signals that allow objects to think, feel and anticipate the user needs, and relies heavily on nanotechnology. It also mentions the ethical issues surrounding the topic [which we have all read about to death by now]. I just found it to be a simple explanation.

please respond asap about the deadline and presentation.


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