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Student Project for INDS 3B09: Design Research, Insights & Innovation
For the Industrial Design Department of the Ontario College of Art & Design,
team mentor Matthew Jones, Research Associate, Beal Centre for Strategic Creativity

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Collaborate to Compete

This has been posted to all three IoT blogs;

As we begin the next stage of the project, I think that we should accelerate the already great research that each group has performed. To that end, I would recommend a meeting of all three IoT teams to share research presentations and points of view. Because of class scheduling I think that finding a time that works for everybody might be an exercise in futility - it would be easier for the group leaders (Nathan, Leslie, and Terry) to arrange a 'best fit' time, when they can meet bringing as many from each group as possible.

Nathan Robertson -
Terry Wood -
Leslie Beard -

The blogs are all available through the Beal website ( but here is the IoT list:

Each group has focused well on (subtly) different areas, so I feel that collaborating on points of inspiration will be helpful at this point.


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