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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Internet of Things - Internet 0

Hey guys! Found a looong, and at times boring but nevertheless worthy article to read! Had to skim through some technical stuff, but ill copy the whole thing here. "Internet of things" is also called "Internet 0" or I0, or also "interdevice internetworking" - so maybe we can use these as a search query as well.

There is also a book about Internet of Things:
When Things Start to Think. Neil Gershenfeld. Henry Holt, 1999.

maybe we can get our hands on it.

Ok i edited the post b/c i didn't know it was gonna display the entire thing, so im gonna try to put a link to the article...i hope it works!

and... How do i attach a file to my post, i havent figured that out??


  • At 7:30 PM, January 29, 2006, Blogger leslie* said…

    yay katerina, you're here!

    just one little thing..
    in class, the Beal team mentioned that to avoid any copyright problems we should just post links.
    [just for future reference]

    looks like a cool article!


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