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Student Project for INDS 3B09: Design Research, Insights & Innovation
For the Industrial Design Department of the Ontario College of Art & Design,
team mentor Matthew Jones, Research Associate, Beal Centre for Strategic Creativity

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Do you guys find it useful if we started to compile a list of such "Internet things" - examples that are already out there? Such as the shoes and fridge...there are many more out there.


Is there a way that we can split this blog into categories such as "examples - (shoes, fridge)", "technologies - (RFID, I0)", "research (IoT and Sustainability)", "opinions on Internet of things" "group chat" and so on, instead of piling all kinds of stuff and messages together? I think organizing all the info both categorically and perhaps also chronologically will help us understand this topic better. What do u guys think?


  • At 4:29 PM, January 30, 2006, Blogger leslie* said…

    as for a list - we could probably include some in the report, but there are so many examples [even already on this blog], that i can't imagine we will have any trouble with that.

    as for the blog categories, i'm not sure if we can do that, but i will look into it.


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